Tied Not Bound

Tied Not Bound


Large quilt with “log cabin” block pattern. Half covered with raw edge chiffon. All four edges have been folded toward the back and hand sewn. Quilted with small ties.

cotton, chiffon
63 x 61”
2014 - 2018

“First quilt top I pieced back in 2014. Four years folded away. It was a daunting task I saw ahead of myself to quilt and assemble. I fell out of love with the pattern—dismissed it, almost. Acknowledging it was my first try but still being a little embarrassed about the mismatched seams.

The white veil as being symbolic of marriage. I’m joined to this piece forever because it was my introduction to quilting. The top was pieced around the same time I met my now fiance. Four years later, it’s assembled and quilted with little red and black ties of thread holding everything together. Four years later I am to be married. Binding seemed wrong. That word in the context of this quilt came with negative weight. I wanted its margins to never be contained. To be tied to something but never bound by it.”

Lorena Marañon

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