custom orders

Part of my work involves collaborating with clients to create personalized quilts for their homes, art collections, or to give as gifts.

It feels extremely rewarding knowing my work is going to clients that support this very personal and tactile craft. As objects, quilts are often inherited within families. They pass down stories and information about a person’s or generation's place in time and are artifacts that carry great emotional weight.

With care, a quilt will hold meaning and historic significance throughout many generations.



Use this form if you are interested in ordering a bespoke quilt, pillow, or other patchwork items. You will receive a reply within 48 hours with more information on production turnaround, and rough pricing based on your selections.

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Do you have clothing and/or fabric that you would like me to use in your quilt?
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Is the quilt being hung like a painting, or used as a bed cover (utilitarian)?
Feel free to share anything you think may be helpful ( like a colorway you would like the quilt to have, or links to references you would like me to see).