La Reina Musa

La Reina Musa


Improvised quilt entirely hand quilted, beaded, and appliquéd.

cotton, twill, silk, glass
54 x 83”

”At the center of this quilt is a hand beaded outline of a plantain flower (Musa Paradisiaca). The trees are ubiquitous among the backyards of my hometown and represent a major part of Cuba’s agriculture. In times of food shortages, our family was always able to count on cultivating plantains; to boil, mash, fry, even puree as baby food. Its casing was also cooked and eaten. I will always honor it.

A sari was taken apart and used here. There are also hand painted fabrics throughout. The rest consists of various found or gifted cloths that I began to make and put aside as smaller compositions dating back to 2013. These forgotten blocks of patchwork are called “orphan blocks”. Together they emit resonance.

Quilted using a thick, black embroidery thread that borders and intersects through the quilt’s seams.”

Lorena Marañon

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