Lorena Marañon

is a Los Angeles based artist and designer who creates improvisational quilts, surface patterns and graphic design. Her creations explore abstract landscapes, geometry and repetition, all within the narrative of cultural self-reflection. Her approach to quiltmaking recognizes, yet disrupts, a quilt's historical and utilitarian structure.

Her use of materials questions boundaries between the disposable and the durable, and challenges the dividing lines between art and craft. She seeks to personalize abstraction partly through emphasizing the hand of the artist. Letting one step dictate the next, her approach is intuitive and imbues each piece with spontaneity. Details that would otherwise be considered flaws are clearly visible and often highlighted; resulting in quilts with uneven seams, raw edges and exposed thread ends. Inadvertently, these marks become the signifiers of reactionary behaviors and moods specific to each piece and its materials.

The quilts Marañon creates evolve throughout the weeks and months, from being receptacles of the artist’s thoughts and emotions, into significant reflections of the modality native to her culture. Born in Cuba, Lorena Marañon has been working as an artist since the early 2000s and has lived in Los Angeles since 2015.


Established in 2009, the maranoni label produces contemporary, one-of-a-kind home goods using techniques passed down from generations of quilt makers and textile artists. The brand commits to exploring and promoting the growth of modern textile and fiber arts.

Products are designed and made by hand from a studio in Los Angeles using vintage and dead-stock fabrics whose histories are vivified with every limited item made.


Send an e-mail with any requests or questions about commissioned works, textile projects, or collaborations. you're also welcomed to join in and follow the process and life through the following links.