Yama Yama Quilt

Yama Yama Quilt



This quilt, like most of my work, is about mistakes, defiance, and intuition. The methods we use and paths we take when we become fixed on creating something beyond our own skill level. This apprehensive and sometimes quizzical approach is the very thing that allowed me to create the Yama Yama quilt freely.

Composed of 45 misplaced and uncalculated blocks, each with details born out of improvisation. Sewing the wrong sides together, cutting too much or too little, exposed seams attempting to blend in unnoticed, and thick, broad stitches shaping into abstract forms. All fluidly tied together using slow techniques like hand applique, reverse applique, hand embroidery and piecing. Every element evolved organically over the course of 4 months. It was finished with no batting, and its backside is a highway of white stitches on a heavy, black linen.

The largest textile object I have made up to this point, this quilt became the epitome of my personal definition of improvised quilting. It showcases all the classic quilting techniques deconstructed, no longer recognizable. It is a puzzle that should never be solved, for each piece deserves to stand on its own and contribute only to a larger, raw, utilitarian object.


This quilt was part of Black & White Twelve Quilts group show, an exhibition that celebrated the craft of quilting. The show brought together the work of 12 textile artists from The United States and Canada.

Visit twelvequilts.com for more information.

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Gentle wash with cold water. Hang dry.

100% Natural Cotton
Made in Los Angeles