Lorena Marañon

Born in Cuba, 1988, I was raised along the quiet Northeastern coastlines, and the lush, dark countryside of the Southeast.


Established in 2009, the maranoni label produces contemporary, one-of-a-kind home goods using techniques passed down from generations of quilt makers and textile artists.

using Improvisational quilting methods and experimental applications of traditional techniques means designs take their shape and evolve as they are built. This is a departure from established quilt making, and creates products that come across as deconstructed paintings. each product is different.

Everything is made by hand from a home studio in Los Angeles using sustainable vintage and dead-stock fabrics, each with a history of their own, and each reinvigorated with new life through every limited item made.

Maranoni comits to the continued exploration, promotion, and growth of modern textile and fiber arts. the work honors one of the foundations of quilting itself: story telling, by which each culture and time period has passed down their legacy through stories of their own. maranoni is one of those stories.

Send an e-mail with any queries about commissioned works, textile projects, or collaborations. you're also welcomed to join in and follow the process and life through the following links.